Arm waxing is a cosmetic procedure that uses body wax to remove unwanted forearm hair. The type of wax used during our process is a soft wax, which is applied to the skin very thinly and a muslin strip is applied on top of the wax to remove the hair.

Arm waxing is performed in five simple steps:

  1. Wash and dry the skin thoroughly.
  2. Dust the arm with talcum or baby powder to prevent the wax from sticking to the skin.
  3. Apply the wax and set muslin cloth in place.
  4. Peel the wax away quickly and remove any residue.
  5. Apply a soothing solution to the waxed area.

This process takes less time than shaving the hair with a hand razor, and is not as messy as applying depilatory cream. Like with any waxing application, individuals may feel some pain or discomfort, especially if it is your first application. Most individuals relate the feeling to ripping off a bandage.

Benefits of Arm Waxing

There are two types of arm hair: Vellus Hair, which is short, thin, and colorless; and Terminal Hair, which is long, coarse, and is usually darker color. As people age, many experience an increase in terminal hair on their forearms, especially after major hormonal changes (such as pregnancy or menopause). For women, an increase in terminal hair can look unfeminine, while men may feel that it makes them look unkempt, and obscures their musculature. There is no need to resort to year-round long sleeves if you do not like the hair growth on your arms.

Arm waxing is also common for athletes, especially swimmers and body builders. The removal of hair from the body can help swimmers glide through the water more efficiently. And body builders opt for hair removal in order to highlight their musculature and enhance their tautness.