Acne is a major concern, especially at certain ages or times in one’s life when it can be more prevalent and difficult to get rid of.  Due to various factors, which can range greatly, even among adults, we recommend you come in and receive a consultation from one of our skincare experts.

Acne is most commonly prevalent during the teenage years, but many adults, especially women, experience acne well into adulthood during times of major hormonal changes (such as during, or post-pregnancy, or menopause). Our skincare experts can provide vital information for the teenager in your life, or if you are experiencing some problems with your appearance in adulthood.  Here’s a little information to help you get started in your quest to fight acne:

  • Your skin is just one more thing that changes when you go through a period of hormonal change, like puberty or pregnancy.
  • An acne problem often starts early in one’s teen years because this is when your body begins to make more oil glands. 
  • There are different skin problems that are a part of acne.  The basic three are whiteheads, blackheads, and cystic acne.
  • Although acne is common for most teens, not everyone will experience the same symptoms. It may be worse among boys because they carry more oil in their skin.
  • Severe acne can run in someone’s family. If your parents had a severe acne condition, the same may happen to you.
  • Acne also greatly affects people who have more sensitive skin.

How can a facial fight acne?

Acne facials work best in treating individuals with mild to moderate acne; those with severe acne, should consult with a dermatologist for additional treatment. This doesn’t mean we cannot help or perform facials for those with severe acne – acne facials work wonders to supplement your doctors recommended treatment.

To start, your esthitician will cleanse your skin either by use of steam, masks, facial exfoliation massages, or a combination of the three, depending on the severity of your acne and your skin type. Extractions are conducted to remove pore blockages and reduce blackheads. An acne fighting cream and other products are massaged onto your face in order to reduce the visibility of blemishes, remove dead skin cells, and hydrate the skin.

You will see the best results in acne reduction if you have regularly scheduled facials. Continuing your facial treatments will help you fight off excess oil, dirt, grim, and dead skins cells that accumulate as days pass. Acne facials pair well with your current acne treatments, and if needed, your esthitician can recommend more effect products to use at home.