Eyebrow tinting is a cosmetic procedure to darken or lighten the natural color of your eyebrows. It is an easy way to achieve a look that is natural while subtly enhancing your overall look. This is an ideal method for those who dye their hair and wish to match their brows to their hair color. This is also an ideal way for those who have lighter colored brows to make them more noticeable.

What to Expect

Before arriving to your eyebrow tinting appointment, ensure your brows are thoroughly clean of any residual makeup products or oil. Dirty or oily brows can change the efficiency of the eyebrow tint.

Next, you’ll need to choose your new eyebrow color. As a general rule, if you’re hair is currently dark, then your brows should be as dark, or one shade lighter. If you have light or blonde hair, then you should only tint them up to two shades darker.

Once you have the shade in mind you desire, your esthitician will blend the tint mixture and apply it to your brow. The paste is not applied for long, it is a failry quick process, and is removed after only sitting for a few minutes.

For a completed look, it is advisable to have an eyebrow waxing afterwards to get rid of any unwanted hairs. Tinting your eyebrows is an easy and quick process, and it goes a long way to creating the perfectly shaped and colored brow you desire.