Eyelash tinting is a temporary cosmetic procedure in which your eyelashes are dyed, usually to make them appear darker. Eyelash tinting is available in several colors, ranging from natural blacks and browns, to blue and grey.

Eyelash tinting is beneficial for individuals who are sensitive to make-up, active in sports (especially swimming), or those do not have the time to apply make-up daily. This procedure is even safe for individuals who wear contacts or glasses.

Is Eyelash Tinting Dangerous?

This is the most common question among clients interested in tinting their eyelashes. Since eyelashes are close to the eyes, it is important to ensure that every procedure done around the eyes is completely safe. The short answer is no, it is not dangerous. The procedure for eyelash tinting includes several precautions.

Eyelash tinting is a uick, non-surgical procedure that utilizes natural vegetable dye to produce the tint. The process of eyelash tinting is very natural, no bleaching is involved, so we are unable to lighten the color of your natural eyelashes.

Prior to your lash tinting procedure, you will attend a consultation with the esthitician to discuss color choice and perform a patch test to ensure that you do not have an allergic reaction or sensitivity to the product. Those who show a sensitivity or allergy to the product, will not be allowed to follow through with the procedure.

A typical eyelash tinting takes around fifteen minutes, so it can fit into busiest of schedules. Once you arrive at the salon, the esthitician will place a cotton ball under your closed eye and then apply a small amount of the chosen vegetable dye onto your eyelashes. After sitting for ten minutes, the excess dye is removed with water. The process is then repeated with your other eye. The results typically last around four to six weeks.