Many of our guests ask us to apply body wraps as a way to detoxify, slim down, or deal with cellulite.  Although, we can’t always guarantee this type of treatment will satisfy all those objectives equally for every client; we can, however, claim that getting a body wrap feels good,  and we are among the few luxury spas that promote body wraps as a relaxing, moisturizing treatment.

When body wraps were first created in the eighties and nineties, spas commonly used linen sheets to wrap their clients, but now plastic and thermal blankets are commonplace. Body wraps remain a popular spa treatment and one which we proudly offer to our members and guests.

What to Expect With Your Body Wrap

One of our luxurious massage tables are prepared for your body wrap by layering several supplies upon it; first a thermal blanket at the base, plastic wrap (which is used to wrap around the client), then towels and a sheet to cover the client

The procedure begins with a body scrub and rinse. Once you are dry and comfortably positioned on the massage table, the body wrap products are applied; they commonly include ingredients such as honey, butter, rosemary, clay, eucalyptus, or even cocoa.  Once the product is evenly applied, the wrap is administered, and the thermal blanket underneath you is turned on; only just enough to cause a little sweat during the course of your 30-minute procedure, but not so much as to cause great discomfort.  

To add to the relaxation experience and the comfort of our guests, we perform our procedure with the aid of a darkly lit room, highlighted only by candlelight, music and aromatherapy.