Even though it is unfortunate, injuries can happen to anyone, at any time. Injuries are absolutely undesirable especially because it takes a long time to recover after the proper treatment is done. It affects our daily lifestyle, career, and we have to depend on others to get the regular jobs done. Fortunately, you can reduce the injury recovery time significantly with proper massage therapy. Injury rehabilitation is all about increasing the strength and flexibility of the injured region and bringing it back to its pre-injury state. There are various massage therapies that can release the tension from the injured muscle tissues and increase blood circulation so that the nutrients in the blood help in faster muscle tissue formation and repairing.

How Do Massage Therapies Aid In Fast Injury Recovery?

Better Blood Circulation. When a certain part of the body gets injured, the blood vessels get blocked and the normal flow of blood is slowed. Due to this reason, there is swelling and discoloration of the skin. Such injured regions need proper blood circulation so that the injured tissue can be repaired quickly by the immune system. Massage therapy helps in removal of those blockages faster than letting time naturally take its course. The pressure and stretching of the muscles increases the amount of blood carried to the area. Our blood contains nutrients that are needed for the repairing of injured muscle and tissue.

Remove Toxins. Due to injury, lactic acid and carbonic acid can build up around the injured muscle tissue which hampers the recovery time. Typically, they are taken away during regular blood circulation, but during normal recovery, this process is slow and can make recovery quite long. Hence, with increased blood circulation from massage therapy, you can get rid of toxins faster and boost the recovery time.

Better Muscle Flexibility. Injury is a common occurrence for athletes and they need faster recovery time to get back to the normal flow of things and resume practicing as usual. For that, muscle flexibility and power are required. Under normal injury recovery, the injured area may heal with time, but the flexibility can reduce significantly, unless massage therapy is done during the recovery time. Athletes can return to workouts at the same intensity and perform at their optimal level post-recovery sooner.

Breaking The Adhesions. When the muscle tissues get disrupted, the secretion of certain chemical substances in the tissues lead to the formation of adhesions (“knots”) that prevent quick healing and blocks the circulation of blood. Stretching those tight tissues using a proper massage therapy clears off the adhesions allowing the healing process to shorten.

Massage therapy is better and faster for injury recovery and has become an important step towards recovery that even doctors recommend to their patients as part of their injury rehabilitation.